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New Year's Predictions

Watching the TV over the last few days has been a grueling exercise in a) avoiding CBS and its Michael Jackson "coverage," and b) suffering through the pundits' predictions for the coming year.

Rather than listen to another conservative talking head describe how Bush will lead us all to the promised land in 2004, I thought I'd turn off the TV and make some of my own New Years predictions:

  1. Cold Mountain will win the Oscar for Best Picture.
  2. By the end of the year, most people will have forgotten it. They will, however, still remember The Return of the King.
  3. Microsoft Windows will continue to be plagued with viruses, and more people will be switching to OSX and Linux.
  4. Karl Rove will meet his political match in the person of Joe Trippi.
  5. I will boldly predict that we won't be referring to "President Lieberman" anytime in the future. Ever.


I hope you're correct with respect to your prediction about "President Lieberman". That's one of two phrases that bothers me more than "President Gephardt". The other one (the most bothersome, of course) being "President George W. Bush".

Egad! Cold Mountain beating out The Return of the King!? Then again who ever said that a bunch of ageing industry insiders who make up the academy are able to pick the best film of the year with any consistancy. They might pick the "best film" but they often do not pick the "most important film" of the year. You are right. Long after Cold Mountain has faded into obscurity (seen mostly at "art film" festival screenings) the LoTR films will continue to hold a place near and dear to most movie going Americans along with other classics like The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, or ET.