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Great ER blog

My dad has alerted me to a great blog by an ER nurse. I've linked to SpankysPlace under "Medical Blogs."

Several hours go by. We’re still waiting for the x-ray read. The blind radiologist was on that night and it always took him forever to read an x-ray. Blind you say? Yes, legally blind, white cane and all. His wife would drive him to work everyday and he would walk in with his white cane in one hand and his giant magnifying glass in the other. I once watched him read an x-ray. He would start in one corner and systematically cover the entire x-ray. And he had never been sued.

(I would link to my dad's blog, but he doesn't have one. . .yet.)


Does he even have internet access yet, or is he still waiting around for me to show him how to do it?