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Beautiful sky

Living in Colorado, it's easy to take the sky for granted. After all, it's just the sky, and you see it every day.

But after spending some time in the Midwest, when you arrive back in Colorado the beauty of the sky just hits you. The blue, the clouds, the sunset. Especially in winter. Everything seems so austere and dry and clean and stunningly beautiful.

I think I like it here. The suburbs and the traffic are just as bad as everywhere else, but the weather, the mountains, the dry air...



Reptile. :) Has the altitude made you feel like a maggot yet?

How true, how true! Given the fact that I'm lucky enough to live here, I think the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous every day of the year. I'll tolerate the dryer weather (going back east to the moisture is like getting a free face lift!), lower wages, State budget crisis, etc. for the opportunity to see what I see every day. Just driving to work is a joy!