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Yummy Turkey

Well, it's not so yummy anymore--

Because of their monotonous diet, their flesh is so bland that processors inject them with saline solution and vegetable oils, improving "mouthfeel" while at the same time increasing shelf life and adding weight. . .

And you can't really say it's what the Pilgrims ate--

These turkeys' immune systems are weak from the start, and to prevent even the mildest pathogen from killing them, farmers [sic] add large amounts of antibiotics to their feed. The antibiotics also help the turkeys grow faster and prevent ailments like diabetes, respiratory problems, heart disease and joint pains that result from an unvaried diet and lack of exercise. Because the health of these turkeys is so delicate, the few humans who come in contact with them generally wear masks for fear of infecting them.

And it's, well, kind of mutilated--

In order to fatten it up quickly, farmers [sic] clip the beak, transforming it into a kind of shovel. With its altered beak, it can no longer pick and choose what it will eat. Instead, it will do nothing but gorge on the highly fortified corn-based mash that it is offered, even though that is far removed from the varied diet of insects, grass and seeds turkeys prefer.

But at least it's heavy, available, and cheap! So this Thanksgiving, bow your head and thank the industrial factories and the mass-production technologies that put that yummy turkey on your dinner table.


Poor turkey. :(

So!!!! Does this mean you'll be having steak for Thanksgiving???

Steak... Well, not exactly.

Quiche, pizza, and/or pasta with a salad, most likely.