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Howard Dean earned it

Nathan Newman describes why Howard Dean got the SEIU endorsement, and how this shows that Howard Dean may be the most electable Democrat.

Brian Leiter is right; Newman's blog is no-bullshit.


Every time I see something like this it pisses me off. Essentially what this says is that Dean is the most electable Democrat because he knows how to pander properly. Unfortunately, in this country, that's true. The best panderer, the best asskisser, the best lapdog, will inevitably rake in the most money, and thus will inevitably have a greater chance of being elected than someone who simply states what he/she believes and sticks by it.

Like most politicians, Howard Dean is a whore to those who pay him, whether in publicity or money, and as such, I can't wholely respect him.

That being said, however, next to Bush, he's Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and God all rolled into one.

Go Dean...I guess...