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Geek Test

According to this fun-to-take Geek Test, I'm at 32.1499% - a Total Geek.

I need to practice so I can do better next time...


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I beat you. :)

Ha! Lightweight.

I am 43.98422% - Major Geek

Only 21.49901%.

I'm that kid in highschool that smoked pot and cigarettes and bullied his Dungeons and Dragons DM into giving him preferential treatment in-game. :D

18.54043% -- Geek. Not really into computers, sci fi, or role playing, otherwise would be much higher. BTW, Carey, does "doing better next time mean a higher score or a lower one?"

You men are pathetic. Nary a one of you has cracked the 40% mark. Once Julie starts running Linux, we will have a strangle-hold on the geek cred at this law school. Mu ha ha!