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dual booting

I use a laptop that dual boots Linux and OSX. Problem is, the damned bootloader won't stop and wait for me to choose which operating system to boot. If I'm not there at the right time to push the "x" key, it will default to Linux after about 2 seconds.

I need to get it to stop and wait while I go get coffee. When I wander back, I want to be able to scratch my crotch and think to myself: "Linux? Or OSX? Hmmm....."

Clearly a project for winter break.


I don't see why that's even a choice. Linux, duh.

What boot loader are you using? If it's LiLo, it should be a simple fix; email me and I'll look it up. If it's the Mac OS X bootloader, I'm sorry to say you're on your own (I use two machines--desktop and laptop--that dual boot Win2000 and Mandrake Linux 9.1 and I use LiLo for my boot loader).

Apparently, neither LiLo nor GRUB work on the Mac. He's using yaboot.

Aha. Alas, I've no experience w/OS X or the Mac platform in general, so I can't be of help. :-(