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Desultory and Perfunctory

After seeing Matrix Revolutions last night, I felt I needed to get a better grasp on the meaning of two words: desultory and perfunctory.

Desultory: "Moving or jumping from one thing to another; disconnected"

Perfunctory: "Done routinely and with little interest or care"

Hence: "It was disappointing to learn that the story of the Matrix, which in the beginning showed the obvious love of the Wachowski brothers for their story, has been concluded in such a desultory and perfunctory manner. There was no love or passion in this story -- none between Trinity and Neo and none for the story by the scriptwriters, directors, and studio."


I found the first Matrix movie to be horribly marred by the perfunctory presentation of the love interest between Trinity and Neo. It had no business being present in the movie. I saw it as a blatant attempt, almost an afterthought, to pander to the females in the lives of the almost universally male target audience.

I do not object to romance in movies...even action movies. My favorite movie (True Romance) is, at its heart, a love story. Had the love interest been an essential and more intrinsic part of the movie as a whole, I could have accepted it without question. As it was, the suddenness of its presentation at the end of the movie right in the middle of the climax and its stunning ineffectuality left me nothing short of disgusted with the entire effort.

I haven't seen the second or third so can't comment on them.