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Whining Congressional leaders

Yeah, guys; keep giving Bush everything he wants: his tax cuts, his no-strings-attached $87 billion, his "blank check" warmaking support. That'll make him respect you.


Screw respecting Congress. Fact is, we have no choice now but to hope and pray the Pres and his cronies can get it together in Iraq. Since he won't play nice and let the UN in, the only option we have is to give him the cash he wants and see what he can do with it. Why? Well, we voted for the war, and now we're stuck with the consequences. If we don't stabilize that country somehow, it'll inevitably degenerate into the shithole Afghanistan was (and is returning to) before we decided to invade.

Anyone who originally voted for the war has NO room to whine now when it comes time to pony up the cash to fix what we broke. And is it really Congress' fault? Don't they represent our will? Didn't all the polls show the majority of us supporting the war prior to going in? In that, our representatives were merely following our lead, stupid and blind (what else is new) as that lead was.

So who's really to blame here? Congressional leaders for doing what we tell them to do? Or Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. for using propaganda and misinformation to whip us up into a completely unnecessary battle frenzy?

Want to fix the problem? Boot Bush. Sharpton for Pres.