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Welcome to the Waters of Awakening!

Welcome to my new blog, and congratulations!

You are reading the very first entry. Many years from now, when your skin hangs loosely from your bones and the world continues its descent into darkness, you will remember this moment and smile. It will seem to you as akin to the moment when the Elves awoke along the shores of the Sea of Helcar and saw the stars for the first time...

Or, maybe not. Even the wise cannot see all ends...

Which brings me to my first set of "disclaimers."

1) There will be a lot of J.R.R. Tolkien references here.

2) I will occasionally seem pompous and arrogant. Don't worry. It's all an illusion.

3) It will take me a while to master all the machinery which goes along with blogging, so in the beginning, please remember that I am a rank novice, and cut me some slack. Please, for the love of God, cut me some slack!

More disclaimers will undoubtedly follow as I think of more things to disclaim. Meanwhile, as Elrond is fond of saying: May the sun shine on your faces!


That was morbid....

You're still an ass.