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A whiff of grandeur

You should all have a look at the trailer for the third and final Lord of the Rings film. This one has the best chance of winning Best Picture, not only because it will probably be the best film of the trilogy (director Peter Jackson says it's his favorite) but because the Academy will realize that this is the last chance to honor a film project that has changed cinematic history.

It proved you can do a successful big-budget fantasy film. It was the first time a studio had committed $300 million up-front for making three full-length movies. It is the first project to give us a truly believable computer-generated character after realizing the secret wasn't in the computer, but in a human actor (Andy Serkis).

But I love these films for reasons that probably don't matter much to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

These films have lovingly (if not entirely accurately) brought Tolkien's story firmly into the center of public awareness. The smouldering, underground popularity of the Lord of the Rings has burst forth into open flame, and while it will eventually settle down to smouldering again, it's becoming more and more obvious that this story will be one of those few truly permanent works of art to survive the twentieth century. Which makes me happy. Too bad critics like Edmund Wilson and Harold Bloom can't live for 500 years, so they could see how wrong their dismissive criticisms of the Lord of the Rings will turn out to be...


I hate to rain on your Oscar parade, but don't forget.....the grape has spoken....

Grapes are inherently deceitful.

Also, for that human-like computer generated characeter ... you need to play FF6.

It's true. Tricksy grapes.

That preview is pretty amazing, though. Mmmmm...battle scenes....

Thanks for the comments, folks. It's tough having such a popular blog. Now I know how Larry Lessig feels...


Did anyone particularly like my dissing of Edmund Wilson and Harold Bloom?

(God, blogging is so narcissistic.)

Does this comment count -- 7 months later? :)

I *adore* the LOTR trilogy (and the Hobbit as well). I read all 4 books aloud to my children when they were little and they have now also developed a love for the books and have each read independently read them (some more than once).

In hindsight, of course, the last picture *did* win Best Picture and a whole lot of other much deserved awards. It was an *awesome* movie.

Yes, blogging is hugely narcissistic -- it may be why I've started...